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Fire Filled Creations

Intercessor Sticker Collection #1

Intercessor Sticker Collection #1

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Do you spend time alone with God, pouring out your heart in deep prayer? Do you find yourself on your knees at night, burdened with a heavy heart and seeking solace through prayer? These are the traits of a true intercessor. As a passionate decorator in my faith journal, devotional, and War Binder, I delight in bringing these sacred moments to life through depictions of prayer and intercession.

These stunning journaling collections feature captivating imagery that reflects the atmosphere of a war room, along with expressive dolls that convey the raw emotions of heartfelt prayer and intercession.

Choose from the entire collection (includes both skin tones) or individual sheets to create your own unique war room aesthetic. No matter what you choose, these collections will add a dynamic touch to your journaling experience.

  • Available in White Matte and Clear Matte sticker paper.

  • Dolls come in either Fair or Dark Skin tones. (Dark sheet has both dark and medium tones)

  • Each sticker sheet measures 4.5 x 7.5"

  • Printed with long lasting inks.

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